2021.7.11-31 / THE POOL / Hiroshima City




My theme is memory. My motifs are photography and Hiroshima. The production began with a simple motive: to resist forgetting. This motive is a concept that runs through all my work. For me, my artworks and my exhibition are "a place to resist forgetting".

In this exhibition, I will present eight new works. They are photographs taken from the work of two painters and paintings based on photographs of night scenes. I arranged this exhibition as if the venue were a "waterside". It is a shimmering waterside as sandy shores or sandbars, a waterside "between oblivion and remembrance", which cannot be captured directly. The space near the entrance is the shallows while the area at the back, three steps up from the entrance, is a sandy shore.

My purpose is only one:
Through my work and the exhibition, I will have you resist forgetting. That's it. I hope it will be a meaningful time for you.

Additional notes:
In the past, I also held another solo exhibition where the venue was seen as a waterside. At that time, I saw the two-storey venue as an island: the ground floor was a sandy shore, and the upper floor was a hill. This time, viewers will step into the shallows. This shallow water is the entrance to the abyss of oblivion. But, at the same time, it is also the entrance to the place where our everyday life goes on. Thank you very much for coming to the exhibition today.


Boat / Variation "Red Boat with Blue Sails (Odilon Redon)" / 2021 / inkjet print / 483×329mm(450×300mm)
Reverb#1 / After "Ancient Sound (Paul Klee)" / 2021 / inkjet print / 483×329mm(450×300mm)
Reverb#2 / After "Ancient Sound (Paul Klee)" / 2021 / inkjet print / 483×329mm(450×300mm)
Reverb#3 / After "Ancient Sound (Paul Klee)" / 2021 / inkjet print / 483×329mm(450×300mm)
Reverb#4 / After "Ancient Sound (Paul Klee)" / 2021 / inkjet print / 483×329mm(450×300mm)
広島#2 / Hiroshima#2 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm
広島#3 / Hiroshima#2 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm
破損したデータ#2 / Corrupted Data#2 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm

© Jun Sakamoto 2021