After "Ancient Sound (Paul Klee)" / 2021 / inkjet print / each: 483×329mm(450×300mm)

This spring, I was looking for something in my parents' house. I didn't find what I needed, but instead, I came across Paul Klee's painting "Ancient sound (Abstract on Black)". This painting strongly fascinated me. The reason is twofold: first, the visual is composed in a strictly orderly manner, like a grid which has been my interest since last year; second, because of its title, the painting seemed a hint to solve my recent question "Is there a sound between oblivion and recollection?" Subsequently, I began working based on this painting. The followings are a metaphorical description of the production process for a better understanding of the artwork.
Separate the image into two layers and pull them apart to form a space between them. These layers are the underlying black (bottom) seen as a soundless pool and the image (top) seen as music composed of various colours. Convert the image into the ink so that it can be physically handled. Colours inherently possess no form and, therefore, no three-dimensional position; it is the grid which provides colours with form and position. Remove the grid from colours. Consequently, almost half of the colours will be removed: these colours stop constituting music and then fall. A collection of colours as mere sounds float above the black, soundless pool. Photograph the state before the fallen colours sink and disappear to the bottom of the silence, so to give form and position to the captured image. A shadow of the "ancient sound" emerges before our eyes.
The sound between oblivion and recollection is an uninterrupted reverberation. That is my answer.


© Jun Sakamoto 2021