Hiroshima#1 / 2020 / acrylic on wood, 298×87mm
Hiroshima#2 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm
Hiroshima#3 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm
Hiroshima#3 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm

This painting is a reproduction of an image of a night scene projected on canvas. The black base seen as darkness is overlaid with white seen as light. For me, this work is a view to recall images that we cannot see with our eyes; namely, the light in our brain creates images in the darkness of our mind. For example, please imagine in your mind streets hidden in the dark, rooms with no lights, people’s figures and smalls lives that are supposed to be there. Then you will find yourself seeing images = photographs without your eyes.

When looking at Hiroshima #2, there is a boundary in shadowy form between the underlying black and the white. It is a boundary that links the black base and the white, the darkness and the light, and thus creates a night scene on it. In other words, this boundary lies "between oblivion and recollection" of this nightscape image. I have created this boundary, which cannot be seen by the eye, by overlaying black seen as a form of shadow on the black base seen as darkness. It is a shadow picture of the city floating in the darkness. For me, this work is the most anti-photographic painting but also a shadow picture of photography itself.



© Jun Sakamoto 2021