Corrupted Data

破損したデータ#2 / Corrupted Data#2 / 2021 / acrylic on canvas, 300×90mm
破損したデータ#1 / Corrupted Data#1 / 2020 / acrylic on wood, 298×87mm


Corrupted image data generates noise in the image displayed on the monitor. The noise, in this case, is a meaningless partial luminescence, lacking context, which only hinders the transmission of visual information.
I altered the program of the image data to generate the collection of such noise. As a result, the original image was lost completely, but instead, I obtained a photographic image composed of meaningless lights.
I then projected it onto canvas and painted it with pigments and brushes. This work, I believe, represents the framework of my personal view of photography and defines the limit of what photography is for me.

© Jun Sakamoto 2021