Variation "Red Boat with Blue Sails (Odilon Redon)" / 2021 / inkjet print / 483×329mm(450×300mm)


This work is produced based on Odilon Redon's painting mentioned above.
I often show my work in progress to people I trust. As always, I showed this piece to my family at the study stage, hoping for feedback, but the response was something unexpected: "Is this your late grandfather's painting?"
"No," I replied and then asked them to elaborate on the meaning of the question. "Did you use for your work the same painting your grandfather had in his house?" A huge "?" came up in my mind.
Unfortunately, I don't remember this "grandfather's painting" at all. Later, when I showed it to the other family members they also asked me the same question, so apparently, there was a painting of a boat hanging on the wall of his house.
I became so curious about this forgotten painting that I immediately returned home and searched every corner of my parents' house. But in the end, I couldn't find any trace of it; I even checked in the old family pictures. So it was probably thrown away together with the other grandfather's belongings.
I then completed this work to substitute the painting. The boat, sailing with the wind in my memory, is still anchored in the same place today.

© Jun Sakamoto 2021